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Center of Head and Heart-Centered Presence

Foundational Technique

Center of Head and Heart-Centered Presence

By bringing your focus and awareness to the center of the head (the pineal gland), you allow yourself to see things from a more Spiritual perspective, which is more neutral and clear.

By bringing your focus and awareness to your heart center, you open up ease of access to your guides, and to the wisdom of your body. I believe the heart center is the gateway to our multi-dimensional nature, and to all that is.

Use your intuition to support your understanding of which of these two energy centers would be most helpful to draw a greater presence/awareness into on a given day or in a specific context. You can also intend to bring your awareness to both areas simultaneously.

Center of Head/Pineal Gland: Use your fingers or imagine intersecting lines from the third eye in your brow and the area above your ears. This helps you to get a feel for the location of the pineal gland, which is in the center of the head. Intend to draw your awareness to this area, which is not in the analytical (i.e. trying to "figure life out" part of the brain) but rather, is the Seat of the Soul. If you feel your awareness drop into your emotional center (the sacral/2nd chakra) allow your Spirit to help to move your awareness back up to the pineal.

Heart-Centered Presence: Like all energy work, simply bringing your intention and focused awareness to the heart center will facilitate your ability to shift your awareness. You may wish to use gentle breath in and out of the heart center, or bringing a hand to the heart center to support you with starting to move your awareness into this powerful center.

*note: for some, it is difficult and/or uncomfortable to bring your presence into the heart center. Be kind to yourself if this is the case. You can talk to your body to let it know that it is safe to be in the heart center, and blow roses to release anything that makes it difficult to be in this space.

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