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Receive deep healing and spiritual insight

Virtual or Remote (unattended) sessions

Individual Session
Rose bouquet Valerie Lonneman psychic reading, energy healing, Reiki, Cincinnati, Ohio

Psychic Healing Session

60/90/120 mins

$150/$225/$300 USD

We will connect with your Spirit and guides to illuminate and heal energetic blocks, outdated belief systems or coping mechanisms, energetic connections that no longer serve your highest good, and more! This session can flow many ways, guided by Spirit, and may include past life integration, soul retrieval, updating or releasing spiritual contracts and agreements, removing others' energy from your field, taking the "charge" out of stuck memories/traumatic experiences, deep healing of energy centers, restoring harmony in your aura and astral body, realigning an aspect of your hara line, balancing and unblocking energy channels, brightening your connection to your intuition and inner voice, introducing you to your guides, ancestral healing, and much more!

Land / Bulding Healing
Image of Countryside Cottage Valerie Lonneman psychic reading, energy healing, Reiki, Cincinnati, Ohio

Land / Building Healing

Please inquire for estimate

This service is to support in clearing/harmonizing the energies of a building and/or piece of land. Often, the energies of those who previously resided at, or spent time on a property will still be present in some form, whether they are living or have crossed over. I begin with a remote session to provide a pre-healing and receive guidance from Spirit as to what the on-site work will involve. This work may involve supporting earth-bound souls in crossing over, identifying and closing any portals that may be attracting unwanted visitors, and/or receiving messages from the spirits of the land in order to facilitate reconciliation and reestablish balance and respect.

Mini session
Cosmic sky image by Greg Rakozy Valerie Lonneman psychic reading, energy healing, Reiki, Cincinnati, Ohio

Established Client Mini Session (virtual/remote only)

30 min  /   $75 USD

This offering is for established clients who would like to connect in an abbreviated format, in order to receive Spiritual information and healing regarding a few topics or questions, or simply for a "tune up". Option to meet via video call, phone call, or have an "unattended" session where I conduct the session on my own and send you an audio recording. For unattended sessions, you may send me any intentions or questions ahead of time.

Private Event / Group
Sunset group on hill image by Hudson Hintze Valerie Lonneman psychic reading, energy healing, Reiki, Cincinnati, Ohio

Private Event / Group Session

Please inquire for rate

I offer group reading and healing, on themes held in common among those gathered. The idea is that those involved have a Spiritual contract to support each other with moving energy in bigger ways (or maybe on a quicker timeline) than they would otherwise. Group work is very powerful! I have worked within the context of bridal showers and birthday parties, in addition to hosting workshops and retreats that focus on a theme. I often weave a guided meditation in to the experience as well, teaching intuitive Ancient Mystery Schools energy work techniques. If desired, we can combine my offerings with sound healing and yoga, in partnership with Ruby Koa of Inspire Studio.

Monthly Group Healing
Women Holding Hands

Monthly Group Healing Membership

$33 USD, monthly

This offering is for those who feel called to support and be supported by the collective in shifting energy together on a regular basis. Every month, I will send members a recording of a psychic reading and healing on the energy of the group, with the intention to shift and heal that which our group holds in common. Group healing is powerful work! Moving energy together regularly will support us individually in moving through our lives with more grace and ease. As an additional perk, every month, I will ask Spirit to select a recipient, who will receive a 15 minute recording of a personal mini reading! I will include other offerings on occasion, such as guided meditations or Ancient Mystery Schools techniques to support your energetic self care.

Animal Healing
Image of cat and dog snuggling, Pet/Animal Healing, Valerie Lonneman psychic reading, energy healing, Reiki, Cincinnati, Ohio

Animal Reading & Healing

~30 min  /   $75 USD

Animals are also Spirit in an embodied form and can communicate their needs, and receive healing on a spiritual and energetic level! This session is intended to identify any issues or desires your animal companion wishes you to be aware of, and to provide healing energies to support their well-being.

Reiki Healing


Acute care

2 sessions  /   $350 USD

Pre-pay for two one-hour sessions, to be booked within a one month timeframe.

Bi-monthly Package

6 sessions  /   $1,000 USD

Pre-pay for six one-hour sessions that may be used every other month over the course of a year, or as desired.

Quarterly Package

4 sessions  /   $700 USD

Pre-pay for four one-hour sessions that may be used quarterly or more frequently, as desired.

*Contact me to purchase these. Please note that bundle pricing is for one hour sessions and may not be combined with other discounts.


Feel free to call/text me, email me, or fill out this form
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Cincinnati, Ohio
Free or by-donation sessions
I offer a limited number of free or by-donation sessions. If this would be of service to you, please contact me.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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