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Image by Greg Rakozy intuitive psychic reading energy healing Bellingham, WA Bow, WA  Mt Vernon, WA

The Full Reading includes a Rose Reading & Healing, a Past Life Reading & Healing, and a 7-layer Aura Reading & Healing. By combining these offerings in one session, you allow Spirit to possibly go deeper on a topic of your choice, exploring it from multiple perspectives/modalities and providing healing energies on multiple levels/dimensions.

~1.5-2 hrs  /  $300 USD

Full Reading & Healing

Psychic Offerings

Receive deep healing and spiritual insight

In person sessions held in downtown Bellingham, WA or at Bow Sanctuary in Bow, WA

 - Remote sessions are also available -

Full Reading
Rose Reading
Rose bouquet intuitive psychic reading energy healing Bellingham, WA Bow, WA  Mt Vernon, WA

Rose Reading & Healing

45 - 60 min  /   $150 USD

The Rose Reading technique allows us to explore your human energy field to receive spiritual wisdom, guidance, and healing on issues/topics that are most salient for you at this time, and/or that you are ready to release or shift. Using the imagery of a rose, I connect with your spirit to illuminate and heal energetic blocks, outdated belief systems or coping mechanisms, energetic connections that no longer serve your highest good, and more! This session can flow many ways, guided by Spirit, and may include integration of a past life, soul retrieval, updating or releasing spiritual contracts and agreements, removing others' energy from your field, taking the "charge" out of stuck memories/traumatic experiences, and/or releasing energetic cords.

7-layer Aura Reading
Image by Anton Darius intuitive psychic reading energy healing aura reading Bellingham, WA Bow, WA  Mt Vernon, WA

7-layer Aura Reading & Healing

45 - 60 min  /   $150 USD

The 7-layer Aura Reading session allows a close look at each of the seven layers of your aura that are related to each of your main chakras. We will gain spiritual insight on the current frequency and vibration of each layer of your aura, via symbols, images, and messages. You will receive deep healing on the layers where you could use some support.

Past Life Reading
Clock Gears past life intuitive psychic reading energy healing Bellingham, WA Bow, WA  Mt Vernon, WA

Past Life Reading & Healing

45 - 60 min  /   $150 USD

A Past Life Reading and Healing allows your Spirit to illuminate one or two past lives in which the main spiritual lesson you were learning in that lifetime is relevant to your current life. Gain clarity and perspective on your current life, release any patterns that do not serve your highest good, and store spiritual lessons in your Akashic records, so that you do not have to re-learn them in this or any other lifetime!

Chakras Tune Up
Image by William Farlow chakras intuitive psychic reading energy healing Bellingham, WA Bow, WA  Mt Vernon, WA

Chakras Tune Up

45 - 60 min  /   $150 USD

This session involves scanning your seven main chakras to identify any energy blockages or disharmony. Over time, our chakras can slow down or even stop as they can sustain damage, get gunked up with other people's energy, or weighed down by past experiences and beliefs. Each chakra will receive a healing to help restore connectivity, resilience, and a healthy energy flow.

Animal Healing
Image by Krista Mangulsone animal pet healing intuitive psychic reading energy healing Bellingham, WA Bow, WA  Mt Vernon, WA

Animal Reading & Healing

30-45 min  /   $100 USD

Animals are also Spirit in an embodied form and can communicate their needs, and receive healing on a spiritual and energetic level! This session is intended to identify any issues or desires your animal companion wishes you to be aware of, and to provide healing energies to support their well-being.


Acute care

2 sessions  /   $275 USD

Pre-pay for two sessions, to be booked within a one month timeframe.

Bi-monthly Package

6 sessions  /   $725 USD

Pre-pay for six sessions that may be used every other month over the course of a year, or as desired.

Quarterly Package

4 sessions  /   $500 USD

Pre-pay for four sessions that may be used quarterly or more frequently, as desired.

*Please note that full readings are not eligible for bundles and bundle pricing may not be combined with other discounts.

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Contact info
(360) 399-6445
Locations (for in person sessions)
Wise Awakening
314 E Holly St. Suite 101, Bellingham, WA

Bow Sanctuary
3533 Chuckanut Dr, Bow, WA
Free or by-donation sessions
I offer a limited number of free or by-donation sessions. If this would be of service to you, please contact me.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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