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During healing sessions, I enter a state of conscious trance and connect with the spirit world using Ancient Mystery School Techniques. The symbols, images, songs, words, sensations, and phrases that your Spirit brings through allow us to identify and release blocks from your energy field and bring it into a more harmonious state.


Energetic blocks can result from many things, including outdated beliefs or patterns of behavior, traumatic experiences, stuck emotions, suppressed desires, or others' energy. These blocks may manifest as dis-ease in the body, troubling relationship dynamics, difficulties stepping onto a more authentic path, and more.

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I came across these techniques by happenstance (and as a non-spiritual person), at a time when many aspects of my life were changing significantly and somewhat unexpectedly. The inner calm, resilience, and sense that everything was going to be okay that I experienced by connecting with my Spirit saw me through what otherwise would have been an extremely trying time for my mental health. In awe of the experiences that I started to have during meditation and in daily life, I delved in to these practices via intensive certification programs with the Intuitive Mind Center and found I was able to unblock and expand my intuitive and psychic abilities. I realized my soul's calling in this lifetime is to be a healer! Spirit has called me a "Multi-dimensional Heart Healer", a title that resonates, and one I am still feeling my way into.


I offer my support to you with gratitude, humility, and the knowledge that you are a powerful soul and will receive the deepest transformation by connecting more closely to your Spirit and listening to your own inner authority. When you unblock and release stuck energy you allow the connections and opportunities that are in alignment with your highest path in this lifetime to emerge. I invite you to step more fully into your power with me!

If you would like to get a feel for my personality and hear more about my journey, feel free to check out an interview with my teacher about my Spiritual path, available on YouTube.


"I had never had a reading done, and Valerie was very patient and accommodating. I really appreciated the time she took to explain to me what she would be doing. I was very at ease the entire time.
Her reading gave me so much to think about, and has helped me expand my understanding of healing and perception."

Ryan D.

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In person sessions available at
Bow Sanctuary in Bow, WA
ancestral land of the Coast Salish Peoples
Free or by-donation sessions
I offer a limited number of free/by-donation sessions.
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