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"I recently booked a two-hour session with Valerie. She has a gentle, welcoming energy and a warm, inviting workspace. Valerie's approach is intuitive and graceful. When I booked my session, I had questions about some physical symptoms that had become progressively more intense. Since my session with Valerie, I've noticed a decrease in my symptoms (joint pain, swelling, muscle stiffness/soreness, fatigue) and as a result, I've been able to increase my activity and my sleep has improved. I left the session uplifted and with some practical tools to help further my healing process. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Valerie!" –Melissa M.

"I have noticed a major positive shift in my energy since our call. I feel so much lighter and clean energetically. For example, I am able to get out of bed and complete simple tasks such as brushing my teeth, showering, cooking and going outside without it feeling like chores. I used to have zero energy and always felt tired. Now I have the energy to take care of my self. Another thing I was able to do extremely easy is to quit vaping. I have tried to quit the usage of nicotine for so long and I was just never able to. Now, I have been vape and nicotine free for 5 days. I’ve never gone this far. I spent more time outdoors and I have less anxiety when going to public places. Overall, I feel more relaxed, grounded and comfortable with myself." A.K.

“My session with Valerie was really supportive of the energies around me that were stuck or bound by contracts that were no longer supportive. We not only dissolved contracts but I felt validated in many areas of my life that were less conventional or accepted by those around me. Immediately after our session, I received a package from an ex partner that involved unresolved circumstances and attachments I did not realize were still significantly impacting me. It was perfect timing for an opportunity to release those last toxic attachments that were holding us both back and for me to move forward with a clean slate. Thanks for your amazing work Valerie!” –Emily G.

"Knowing nothing of my personal life, Valerie asked if I had a husband (I do). She felt we had a soul contract that was completed and asked if I'd like it resolved. We've been together for 20 years, and I'm telling you, when I kiss him, it feels like someone different. Valerie followed her guidance and provided a beautiful healing for my marriage. She's amazing, thank you Valerie!!" –Hilda C.

"I’m doing great and thank you so much for your work, it really was something more than I expected. Your energy was palpable and mutual and your understanding was accurate. I felt great and assured after my visit with you." Michael H.

“Thank you Valerie, and to everyone on the other side who showed you how to reach me… I feel blessed today, in a way I’m not sure that I ever have before, and I’m struggling to find correct words for. Lived with no regrets the past 24 hours, & idk if I’ve ever said that, or even felt that way.” –George B.

“I’d never done an energy healing session in my life before, but after randomly meeting Valerie and seeing how open/honest and intuitive she seemed, I figured I’d give it a shot…I’ve been meaning to open myself up and try new things lately anyway.  

I had no expectations going into the session.  I revealed nothing at her inquiries because I was skeptical and wanted to test her abilities, haha.  Even though I revealed nothing, she still hit home on SO many things I had no idea I was carrying with me (old family drama, things from childhood etc.). I probably lost a half pound of salt water from crying!


It felt like about 2 years of therapy in 90 minutes! I speak from experience, as I’ve tried a year of actual/expensive therapy once/wk in the past and only really ever found one negative thing I was carrying during that time. But, in my 90min w Valerie I was able to realize 8 things from many different times in my life. I journaled about them afterwards and can now recognize these old “shadow self” aspects of my subconscious programming as they come up in my daily life and actively work on them, realizing they’re no longer who I am.” –Jeff G.

"I had never had a reading done, and Valerie was very patient and accommodating. I really appreciated the time she took to explain to me what she would be doing. I was very at ease the entire time. Her reading gave me so much to think about, and has helped me expand my understanding of healing and perception.Ryan D.

“With insight and humor, Valerie spoke of reoccurring mind and life patterns. Helped me to further connect the dots. Informative and fun!”

Christine K.

“Valerie read my energetic field with skill and integrity. From the reading I received information and insights for my current lifetime for further learning and growth.” –Donna H.

“I received a Psychic reading with Val at a really crucial time - a few months before launching my business. I had been procrastinating doing the foundation setting work I really needed to do to set up my website and was feeling a lot of stress and overwhelm at the time. Val could sense those energies in the rose reading and helped to bring life and spaciousness back into parts of me that had been tight and closed off. She also confirmed some intuitions I had around the role of partnership in my life in this season. After the reading, I was able to access a lot more excitement and inspiration around my business and do the necessary work to launch my website and Instagram and start getting clients.

I really appreciated that the information was communicated through images and sounds, allowing a much more expansive interpretation. Val held a very calm grounding space, and I remember leaving the session feeling centered and energized.” –Lux G.

“Valerie, I just listened to your reading again. It’s very beautiful. I love your voice and sensitivity. I can feel your loving care. Anne S.

“I couldn’t recommend Val more to people both new or experienced with readings. Her presence is so warm and comforting, and I always feel that I am in safe hands. Her readings have helped me gain new insights and clarity into dynamics I am exploring within myself and provided guidance that has helped me tremendously.” –Jess J.

“I want to share that one of the reasons I sought out a past life reading is because for most of my life I have had a very big fear of death.  I wanted to understand if perhaps something in my past lives could explain it and perhaps help me release some of the fear.  When my past life came forward and told me to reckon with my mortality, and I learned that he was so fearless and embraced his mortality when he was alive, I was absolutely blown away.  It was a really profound moment for me.  Since then, I have found myself releasing my fear, embracing my mortality, and enjoying each day in an entirely new way. I cannot tell you how important this has been for me. ” –Brenna P.

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