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"I had never had a reading done, and Valerie was very patient and accommodating. I really appreciated the time she took to explain to me what she would be doing. I was very at ease the entire time. Her reading gave me so much to think about, and has helped me expand my understanding of healing and perception. - Ryan D.

“With insight and humor, Valerie spoke of reoccurring mind and life patterns. Helped me to further connect the dots. Informative and fun!”

- Christine K.

"I have been seen by Valerie five times in the past year for various energy work sessions. I appreciate and respect the healing connections during those sessions. I was positively impacted energetically, and came away with real world suggestions on how to carry the healing into everyday life. The transfer of healing energy was a tonic. I also gained intellectual insight into the mind-body relationship.


She is kind and caring, dedicated to her work, and knowledgeable on the newest modalities. I consider Valerie one of my spiritual guides, and a healer. I look forward to future sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend her, and have." - Steven D.

“Valerie read my energetic field with skill and integrity. From the reading I received information and insights for my current lifetime for further learning and growth.” - Donna H.

“I received a Psychic reading with Val at a really crucial time - a few months before launching my business. I had been procrastinating doing the foundation setting work I really needed to do to set up my website and was feeling a lot of stress and overwhelm at the time. Val could sense those energies in the rose reading and helped to bring life and spaciousness back into parts of me that had been tight and closed off. She also confirmed some intuitions I had around the role of partnership in my life in this season. After the reading, I was able to access a lot more excitement and inspiration around my business and do the necessary work to launch my website and Instagram and start getting clients.

I really appreciated that the information was communicated through images and sounds, allowing a much more expansive interpretation. Val held a very calm grounding space, and I remember leaving the session feeling centered and energized.” - Lux G.

“Valerie, I just listened to your reading again. It’s very beautiful. I love your voice and sensitivity. I can feel your loving care.” - Anne S.

“I couldn’t recommend Val more to people both new or experienced with readings. Her presence is so warm and comforting, and I always feel that I am in safe hands. Her readings have helped me gain new insights and clarity into dynamics I am exploring within myself and provided guidance that has helped me tremendously.” - Jess J.

“I want to share that one of the reasons I sought out a past life reading is because for most of my life I have had a very big fear of death.  I wanted to understand if perhaps something in my past lives could explain it and perhaps help me release some of the fear.  When my past life came forward and told me to reckon with my mortality, and I learned that he was so fearless and embraced his mortality when he was alive, I was absolutely blown away.  It was a really profound moment for me.  Since then, I have found myself releasing my fear, embracing my mortality, and enjoying each day in an entirely new way. I cannot tell you how important this has been for me. ” - Brenna P.

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