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Monthly Group Healing Membership

Join Our Soul Group

  • 33$
    Every month
    Receive a monthly group reading/healing, learn techniques, gather virtually in community, and more!

My belief is that those who are called to join this group are part of a Soul group that holds spiritual contracts together. These contracts involve supporting each other to move more energy than individuals would be able to do on their own and/or with more ease, or on an accelerated timeline.

Each month, just before the new moon, members receive a recording of a group reading along with a few energy work techniques from the Ancient Mystery Schools that are relevant to the themes that emerge in the reading. These simple but powerful techniques may be woven in to daily life to support the way you move through and experience the world, and used to enhance your ability to tend to your human energy field.


In alignment with the full moon, members have the option to join in a virtual gathering to allow folks to share their experiences in community, and to ask me questions about working with the techniques. I also select one member to receive a free mini-reading each lunar cycle, as guided by Spirit.

Please contact me if you are interested and would like to ask any questions or chat to get a better feel for what to expect!

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