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Please read the information below before booking a session

What does "Psychic" mean?

Although the word Psychic may bring to mind someone making predictions about your future, the word psychic comes from a Greek word meaning soul/breath, so think of it as connecting with your Soul's breath. The readings I offer are spiritual in nature: I enter a conscious state of trance--it's still just me interacting with you, but with a more precise connection to receive information from your Spirit. I have read for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from orthodox religious to atheist. The information that comes through is from our connectedness, whether you conceptualize this as the Universe, Source, God, divine wisdom, unity consciousness, etc.


These techniques provide an effective framework for deep healing that can be explained in many ways. Ultimately, all that matters is being open to whatever is ready to surface and be healed. Although you will receive insight about your life, the focus of these sessions is to provide deep healing by harmonizing your energy field.

How does the healing work?

I work with my Spirit and guides, incorporating techniques from the Ancient Mystery Schools to transmute energy. The symbols, images, songs, words, sensations, and phrases that Spirit brings through allow us to identify and release outdated energy from your energy field and body and bring it into a more harmonious state. ​Energetic blocks or disharmony can result from many things, including outdated beliefs or patterns of behavior, traumatic experiences, stuck emotions, suppressed desires, or others' energy. They may manifest as dis-ease in the body, troubling relationship dynamics, difficulties stepping onto a more authentic path, and more.

What is Valerie's background/training and ideology?

I studied Ancient Mystery Schools techniques via the Intuitive Mind Psychic Mastery I and II programs, the latter being a year-long intensive professional psychic development program. I am continually expanding my understanding and skill level as a member of the Psychic Mastery III "continuing education" program.

My perspective is also shaped by previous education including a BA in Psychology and Spanish, a MA in Public Affairs, and by a meandering career path! I am a curious soul, who tried on many different (and mostly pragmatic) paths before recognizing my calling to support others on their healing journey. My teacher, Nancy Rebecca, interviewed me about my experience in her programs and on my Spiritual path. The interview is available on YouTube if you would like to get a better feel for my personality and hear more about my Spiritual journey.

As my teacher, Nancy Rebecca, says, I believe we are "Spiritual beings having a human experience", and beyond that I don't profess to know what life is about, but I do believe that love and spiritual development is the core of it all. A colleague brought through a message from Spirit, describing me as a "multi-dimensional heart healer", which feels true to my nature and my calling.

What should I expect during a session?

We will begin with a guided meditation to help settle the energy and prepare your energy field to release that which does not serve your highest good and to receive Spiritual information and healing energies. Thereafter, your role is to simply remain present, while I sit in a state of conscious trance meditation. I will check in with you throughout the session to see how you are feeling and support your grounding and energy field with the integration as needed.

I will follow Spirit's lead, based on what you are ready to shift. A given session may include integration of a past life, soul retrieval, updating or releasing spiritual contracts and agreements, removing others' energy from your field, taking the "charge" out of stuck memories/traumatic experiences, supporting healing on the physical body, releasing energetic cords, healing aspects of the astral body, balancing your feminine and masculine and other energy channels, re-aligning you with your Hara line, introducing you to spirit guides, ancestral healing, etc. Although I am not trained as a medium, I have recently naturally begun to channel messages and healing from wise and well ancestors, so that is also a possibility!

What do you recommend I do to prepare for a session?

You may want to take some time to get clear on what your intention is for the session, although it is not necessary, as Spirit knows what information and healing will be for your highest good! However, I will ask that you do not share your intention(s) or question(s) with me. I start all sessions by reading "blind" (without knowing your intentions for the session on a conscious level) and then later in the session I ask if there are any specific questions or intentions that you would like to ask, that Spirit hasn't already addressed! :) This just helps me to "stay out of the way" and allows you to really trust that the information coming through is truly coming from Spirit.

What situations/topics can be supported via energy work?

I believe that everything has an energetic core, so the answer is everything! The results of the healing depend on how deeply integrated something is in your energy field and body, and also on what type of lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime. It could be that healing a single past life, or core issue represented by a symbol allows you to release a pattern fully, potentially resulting in healing on an embodied level. Otherwise, various layers will shift and release, in accordance with your highest good, and within the boundaries of what your body and mind are ready and willing to release/receive.


Some examples of why you might seek a session include: to gain Spiritual perspective an clarity on a certain issue; to release anything blocking you from being able to tune in to and follow your intuition; to heal from an emotional or physical trauma; for physical healing; to support your ability to align with your highest path and attract the connections and opportunities that will open you to a more authentic expression in this lifetime; to understand why you have certain perceptions about yourself or the world; to break free from a thought or behavior pattern; to help release outdated societal programming; to heal and bring fully in to present time your relationship with your romantic partner or a family member; to expand your ability to give and receive love; to heal your "car curse"; to ask for guidance on a career decision... you get the idea!

Do you read the future?

The simplest answer is no, I do not tell you, for example, that you will meet your soul mate this year, or foretell any life events. However, I can feel into the energy of a relationship, a new career opportunity, or other areas that are unfolding to help you better understand what the future may hold. I can also help unblock anything that may prevent you from seeing/knowing/feeling clearly for yourself.


We are all autonomous beings with free will to shape our path. Sometimes we need to re-learn a lesson in order to choose to take a different approach next time. I store the Spiritual lessons that come through so that you do not have to re-learn them in any past, future, or concurrent timelines. This helps to break patterns that you may notice about how you show up in the world or connect with others, but how your path unfolds is ultimately up to the choices you make, moment by moment.


Will the session be recorded?

You decide. If desired, I will provide an audio recording of the session. I find re-listening to a session at a later date often provides new insight and may help you more fully process the information, as it can be difficult to truly hear and absorb everything during the session. You're welcome to bring something to take notes (or doodle) on as well. Others prefer to simply let whatever information sticks with them remain in the realm of the conscious, and trust that mental energy is not needed to retain that which they do not naturally remember.


Do you offer in person sessions?

No, I have relocated to Cincinnati, OH so for the time being sessions are held either via video or phone call, or remotely without client attendance (audio recording of reading will be emailed). Please book via the "Offerings" tab on the menu, and select "Book Online".

Are remote or unattended sessions as effective as in person sessions?

Yes! At a spiritual level, physical distance does not pose any barriers to tuning in to your frequency and providing an accurate and powerfully healing session. I was skeptical at first, but now regularly experience parallel physical sensations with clients during distance readings, and the accuracy and depth of the information and healing energies that are brought through are equally powerful as in person sessions.

What is the recommended frequency of sessions?

This varies from person to person and depending on what is coming up for you at a given point in time. If you are struggling with an acute situation or are in a growth cycle, I recommend you book several sessions over the course of a month or two, maybe one every 2-3 weeks. For maintenance/ongoing work, I recommend a quarterly session or more frequently, as guided by Spirit. Often, I will receive information on how long it will take for a healing to fully integrate into your body and energy field, and this can help with planning timing for your next session.


I encourage you to tune in to your inner wisdom about the frequency and type of support you would most benefit from at this time, including seeing medical professionals, therapists, etc. This powerful work does require some integration time (usually a few days to a few weeks), and we do not want to overwhelm our bodies. I highly recommend mediation and energy work as a self healing practice and teach the basics of connecting/running your energy at the beginning of sessions.

What should I expect after a session?

Integration of healing energies, energetic releases, etc. is also a unique process, and can vary depending on the type of healing work we do together in a given session. I always encourage that you build in some extra time after a session to allow yourself to hold space for whatever may have arisen emotionally or physically. Similar to receiving body work, staying well-hydrated and getting adequate sleep/rest are supportive in the days following a session, as our bodies integrate the energetic shifts.

How do I schedule a session?

Book online under the Offerings tab. If you have issues with the online booking, feel free to email me at or text or call me at (360) 399-6445.


What payment forms do you accept?

You can now use a card to pay online at the time of booking. Or if you prefer, you may find my profile @atdepthhealing on PayPal or Venmo, or send payment for Zelle by using my email, If you choose not to pay when you book, please send payment 24 hours prior to your session.


Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have!


Please be aware that Valerie's psychic healing sessions are not intended to provide or replace professional services included but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, or psychological.

Valerie does not guarantee any outcomes and will not be held liable for any actions or decisions that are made by recipients of a psychic healing session.

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