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Blowing Roses

Foundational Technique

Blowing Roses

Create an energetic rose (intend or pretend to create it), fill it with whatever you desire to release, and destroy or release it outside of your aura. You can see the rose exploding, send it down your grounding or out to the cosmos, or however else your Spirit guides you to release the energy. Have fun and use your imagination!

Generally, this technique is intended to help you clear outdated energy from your energy field and body. Outdated energy is essentially anything that is not (or no longer) serving your highest good or in alignment with your highest path and purpose in this lifetime. You can use this technique in many ways. Some examples are to release the charge from emotions, clear "matching pictures" between yourself and others (that may be the source of conflict, difficulty sharing space or communicating), and to let go of limiting beliefs, familial, religious, or societal programming. You can also blow roses to help bring through the highest good in a situation by clearing out any energy that would prevent it from being in the highest vibration possible, or to clear a symptom your body is experiencing (e.g. release the energy of "headache").

You can release one single rose at a time (slowly or very rapidly), or create a bouquet of roses, a rose bush, or even a field of rose bushes to move a lot of energy! You can set this up to run on auto pilot in the background while you mediate or move through your day (e.g. conversing with someone), especially if the energy feels sticky or particularly charged, or you otherwise sense you need to clear for a while. You may also find that you feel called to sit and focus your attention on blowing roses for 5, 15, or 30 minutes.

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