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Ground, Gold, Present Time

Foundational Technique

Ground, Gold, Present Time

Remember Ground, Gold, Present Time easily with this acronym: GGPT!

*Note: I recommend sitting in a chair to support ease with feeling your connection to the grounding cord, but you can also lay down or practice this while you are moving throughout your day.

Ground: See/feel/sense/know that your grounding cord is attached to the area around your hips. Allow gravity to draw the cord deeper and deeper towards the center of the earth, perhaps working with an image of nature to support your connection. Intend to anchor your grounding at the magnetic core of the earth. You may feel your body adjust or settle in as the grounding deepens.

Gold: Create a golden ball of cosmic energy above your head and allow it to saturate your energy field, with the intention that the golden healing energy support you in releasing outdated energy from your field and body.

Present Time: Remind yourself of the current date and your current age.

Deep grounding draws our Soul’s light more fully into the body. When we are well grounded, we have more ease of access to our Spirit. Thus, we are not compromising our connection to Spirit by focusing on our groundedness and the body.

You can also GGPT a rose with energy in it, the room you are in, a symbol, individual chakras.

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