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Managing Ascension Symptoms

Simple techniques to support your body as the vibration of the earth increases

The energy around the Winter Solstice was very intense, with big energy spikes raising the frequency of the Earth! Throughout December and into early January, I experienced some pretty uncomfortable ascension symptoms, and heard of many others with similar experiences.

Ascension symptoms occur as we assimilate higher frequencies of energy at a rate that is challenging for our bodies and minds to integrate with ease. Physical symptoms may include nausea, headaches, dizziness, extreme and sudden bouts of fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia/trouble sleeping, muscle inflammation/tenderness, and even heart palpitations. Of course, I recommend ruling out any underlying medical issues (especially this time of year with so many viruses circulating), however if you have unexplained symptoms that come and go seemingly at random, you may be experiencing ascension symptoms.

Although these frequency shifts ultimately support the higher good, they can be uncomfortable! As the frequency increases, it forces lower vibration energy to rise to the surface. Beyond the physical, it can also bring up some uncomfortable emotions, beliefs, and other outdated energy to be released and cleared from your field.

Here are some strategies I recommend to support your body when experiencing ascension symptoms:

Tip #1 - strengthen and deepen your grounding and flow of earth energy

Although this may sound basic, grounding is the key to keeping your body comfortable as your system adjusts. If you're feeling lousy it can be difficult to sit for even a short meditation. Find a comfy posture and try to ground at least 5 minutes once or twice a day. Be sure to draw up earth energy through the chakras in the soles of the feet, as it is detoxifying and supports the resilience of the body.

Tip #2 - present time your energy field

Call all of your energy into the present moment (remind yourself of the date and your current age) several times a day or as often as you remember. This simple act supports in releasing outdated energy that no longer serves your highest good, allowing more room for expansion and integration of your soul's light into the body.

Tip #3 - create and destroy roses

Create and destroy energetic roses (blow them up or send them outside your aura), filled with the symptom(s) you are experiencing or with “ascension symptoms”–it’s okay if you don’t know how to do this, it’s all about intention, focused attention, and playful creativity!

Tip #4 - salt baths

Take a salt bath, send gratitude to the water for all it does to support your life and life on the earth, and ask the water to help you integrate the higher frequencies in a manner that is more comfortable for your body and mind.

Tip #5 - reassure your body

Talk to your body to explain what is occurring and reassure it that you are safe. When the body enters a fear state about discomfort or pain it can make it even more challenging to release outdated energy and allow for expansion.

Prevent or mitigate future ascension symptoms

In addition to the above strategies, I recommend integrating the following practices into your life to increase the resiliency of your body and energy field.

  • daily meditation, even for just a few minutes to “run” your energy (this is the process that I guide clients through at the beginning of my sessions: grounding, drawing in earth and cosmic energy, and letting everything drain down the grounding to release to the earth--stay tuned for a free recording of a guided meditation)

  • adequate hydration

  • ample rest, as possible

  • outdoor time, in a peaceful natural setting when possible

  • movement practices (helps release outdated energy/blockages)

I have noticed a pattern in clients recently where the energy of the sixth and seventh chakras is really expanding, while the lower chakras are closed down and struggling to release a backlog of outdated energy. In these situations, I offer healing energy to support a more harmonious and comfortable flow/expansion, based upon your unique expression and in alignment with your highest path.

My sense is that we can even take advantage of these waves of expansion, perhaps healing more layers and possibly the core of an issue that previously felt entrenched!

I hope that these suggestions help you to step into a more empowered relationship with these rapid frequency shifts! If you feel you could use some additional support in clearing outdated energy and integrating these high vibrations, please consider scheduling a session with me. Wishing you ease in integration, always.

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