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Trusting Spirit to Lead

What does it look like to truly let Spirit lead?

In everyday life, it may be trusting that there is a reason you forgot to do something and had to double-back, or paying attention to synchronicities and responding to signs.

As a Spiritual healer, I focus on how I can remove my Ego self from the services I provide. This is part of the reason why I start my sessions by reading "blind" (without knowing a client's intentions/questions) to let Spirit and the guides bring through the information and healing that we may not know to ask for.

Often times, this results in information emerging on topics that clients believe they have fully processed and released, but the body and/or energy field still holds onto. The energetic or physical imprint of an experience or pattern can be deeply rooted. Body work, movement, embodied awareness, and intentionally choosing a different approach to an old pattern can help us to fully release what no longer serves our highest good. However, when one feels stuck, or would like to shift the energy in a more expeditious manner, it may serve them to address the repeating pattern or theme energetically, storing the lessons that Spirit desired for us to learn from those experiences in the Akashic Records (so that you have access to that wisdom in this an all lifetimes).

Another way I allow Spirit to lead (with less Ego influence) is to allow the session to flow very fluidly, without a "container" (e.g. rose reading, past life reading, aura or chakras reading). This openness to see what arises allows Spirit to bring forward various forms of healing in one session. So for example, it may be for a client's highest good to do a deep dive healing on their second chakra, followed by a past life reading related to a block in their throat chakra, re-aligning to their Hara line, untwisting their astral body, removing other's energy from their field, introducing them to one of their guides, and healing outdated Spiritual contracts with themselves and others. I have also started to receive more messages from loved ones on the other side, so I hold an openness to incorporating mediumship in to my sessions.

Part of my journey over the past year has also been to connect more deeply to my guides, and working with them more consciously during sessions. I have found that this work is facilitated via the heart center. I describe this multi-dimensional heart centered approach in more detail in my "About Valerie" section on the home page. I have also started incorporating sound healing, mantras, and other modalities, as guided by Spirit, and I hold an openness to the continual evolution of my process. This has the added benefit of keeping my mind delighted and curious, as each session is very unique!

I am grateful to my clients for trusting this undefined process, which also allows me greater freedom to grow as a healer.

I invite you to reflect on what ways you may invite Spirit and your guides to more actively co-create with you, in your work, passions, and daily life. Here is a practice I have recently adopted that I suggest, as we are autonomous beings and need to invite/invoke support and guidance. Upon first waking and before opening your eyes, ask your Team of Light to guide, bless and support all aspects of your day (remind yourself of the date and your current age), raising the vibration of the day to the highest level possible in alignment with your highest good and the highest good of all, and with Divine timing.

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