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Returning to my roots

About four years ago I had my first psychic reading from my teacher, Nancy Rebecca of Intuitive Mind. In the reading, she conveyed the importance of grounding into my birthplace. At the time I was living in Seattle, so I decided to do grounding meditations visualizing myself in my childhood backyard in Cincinnati, Ohio. I connected to the root system of the beautiful American Linden tree that I often gazed up at while swinging or laying on the grass in my childhood backyard.

I forgot about this message from the reading until recently, when I received a reading from another psychic, who said that the trees in the Pacific Northwest have an "ungrounding" effect on my energy field and body. I thought that was really bizarre and brushed it off as inaccurate as of course I love and feel peaceful among all type of trees! However, I had an aha moment about this after making a big, sudden decision. This decision was easy to make, because it felt so right my partner Brandon and me, like a foregone conclusion. Upon returning from visiting my family for the holidays we understood that we are being called to relocate to Cincinnati! Although it is a short timeline for a cross-country move, we both also knew/heard that we are meant to arrive there by April. We later realized that this timeline will allow us to experience the totality of the Solar eclipse on April 8, which is a potent astrological pivot point for our growth this year.

So, big change! My body/mind/Ego self are still in a bit of resistance around another move and "starting over again", as I moved to Bellingham less than two years ago. Our departure is bittersweet as I have made so many beautiful and strong connections in that time to the Spiritual community here. However, in my heart the decision feels right--and I am leaning into that wisdom and trusting the unfolding of my path. I can feel the encouragement and excitement from my guides and my Higher Self as well, and have received many signs and signals that this is in alignment with my highest path and purpose in this lifetime. It doesn't hurt to be able to do readings and healings around a big transition like this!

I would like to express my immense gratitude to those who have supported my Spiritual growth and the growth of my business during my time in Bellingham. My heartfelt thanks to Ruby Koa of Inspire Studio for our many sound, movement, and energy healing collaborations, including co-hosting a series of workshops and retreats last spring and summer. I even had the opportunity to do mini readings at several of our events, which was a fun challenge! Gratitude to those at Wise Awakening for employing me at the store (incidentally, they are closing their doors in February after almost 30 years of being a community anchor for healing through frequency). I met so many kindred spirits at Wise and had many fascinating conversations. Wise is also responsible for my development of my (perhaps more than healthy) appreciation for crystals!

I am grateful for the opportunity to facilitate the Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber sessions at Wise Awakening over the past year and a half, which allowed me to witness and support the potency of sound healing in tandem with sacred geometry! Thanks to the lovely folks at Bow Sanctuary and Tree of Life Sanctuary (check out their Seeker's Library!), who hosted me in their spaces. I've been fortunate to move energy in community with a couple of groups of healers who gather regularly to uplift each other and the collective. I have also had the pleasure of trading sessions with many local energy workers and psychics. The co-learning and healing from these gatherings and exchanges has been expansive in so many ways!

Last but certainly not least, to my local to Bellingham clients, thank you for your support and for welcoming me into your community! Your saying "yes" to moving energy with me has allowed me to continue in alignment with my high heart purpose as a conduit of multi-dimensional healing. I hope that you will consider staying connected with me as a Monthly Group Healing member, or try out a virtual session. The energy sometimes messes with the internet connection (I can't even list all the bizarre issues I've had with video calls), but the healing energy and information received are equally powerful and accurate at a distance.

I am excited to re-discover Cincinnati as an adult, and as a lightworker! A seer told me recently that my work with the Sound Chamber and doing readings has been a confidence builder, laying the foundation for much more creative work that I will do in the future. I definitely feel like I've cut my teeth in energy healing in Bellingham, and look forward to the evolution of my process and offerings as I set down roots and make new connections in my hometown!

Below are a few photos that represent the people, places, and experiences that have contributed to making my time in Bellingham so special.

Peace, from my multi-dimensional heart to yours.

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